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Common questions from carers

Q: I am worried about what happens after my wife, who has had a stroke, comes out of hospital. What should I do?
Q: I have heard that carers can get a reduction in Council Tax. Is this true?
Q: The person I am caring for refuses all help from Social Services. Can I do anything?
Q: I am currently receiving Income Support. Is it right that I am not entitled to any Carers Benefits?
Q: What do I have to do to get the Carers Benefit?
Q: How do I get a break from caring?
Q: I am a carer and have managed on my own up to now, but life is getting more and more difficult. What should I do?

Most of these questions are ones most often heard by staff at the Carers Liaison Project, Regis, Chichester and Rural. Others are from other Carers support organisations around the country. We are grateful to them for both these questions and the answers provided. Please click on a question from the list above to read the answer.

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