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This website is hosted and funded by West Sussex County Council, and is managed by ICIS : information for life. ICIS provides information about services and support to people in West Sussex who need help because of a difficulty, disability or illness.

In April 2013 ICIS : information for life merged with the Mental Health Helplines Partnership and The Helplines Association to form the Helplines Partnership. Helplines Partnership is the national umbrella body for helplines in the UK and beyond, delivering accredited quality standards and training schemes, telephony systems, support and information resources for helplines and other help services. ICIS : information for life can be contacted at:

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ICIS : information for life
35 Worthing Road
East Preston
West Sussex BN16 1BQ

Phone: 01903 859929

Freephone Enquiry Line: 0800 859929

Fax: 01903 777601

Email: [email protected]


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