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Autism Aware Card

Autism aware card leaflet

Anyone with autism or Asperger's Syndrome over the age of 10, living in West Sussex can apply for a FREE Autism Aware Card. Parents and carers of children under the age of 10 can apply for a parent/carers version of the card.

Autism aware card leaflet

Do you sometimes find it difficult to communicate your needs to other people? An Autism Aware Card can help! It will let people know about your condition and how they might help you.

The Card is known to West Sussex Police and Emergency Services. Showing your Card will help people know how best to support you.
  • Available FREE to West Sussex residents aged 10 and over
  • Can be personalised to explain how your condition affects you
  • Contains phone numbers of people you want to be contacted

  • People with autism can sometimes find communication difficult. The condition will affect people in different ways. People with autism can become anxious or angry in unexpected or unfamiliar situations. Their behaviour might appear unusual to others. To different degrees people with autism might have difficulties with:
  • Speaking
  • Making eye contact
  • Understanding others
  • Understand feelings
  • Being sociable
  • Co-ordination
  • Bright lights and loud noises
  • The Card will help raise awareness and understanding of autism in West Sussex. It is for use in social and emergency situations only - it is not proof of diagnosis.

    Autism aware card application form


    Small envelope representing information You can get more information from:

    www.nas.org.uk - National Autistic Society (NAS) includes information about autism and Asperger syndrome, and about the support and services available in the UK
    www.asdfriendly.org - community of parents and carers of people with autism and Asperger's Syndrome
    www.differentworlds.org.uk - support group for parents, family members and carers of children, young people and adults with autistic spectrum disorders
    www.researchautism.net - charity dedicated to research into interventions in autism, carrying out independent research into new and existing health, education, social and other interventions. The website is aimed at anyone with an interest in autism, including people with autism, parents and carers, service providers and policy makers



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