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Education and training opportunities for carers

Keeping your work skills and expertise current and up to date may be very important to you especially if you feel the time you are taking to provide care is eroding this. Many carers have skills and experience which would be valuable to employers but we don't always see ourselves in that way. Carers who have lost opportunities to train for employment might not see a way into the workforce. Too often isolation and the caring role can undermine confidence and limit choices.

There are people who can help
  • By helping you stay at work (by helping to arrange respite cover or making flexible work arrangements for example).
  • By helping you back into employment if you have had to leave your job.
  • By helping you continue to develop your skills whilst also having caring responsibilities.
  • By helping to find some training and assisting in organising respite cover to allow you to undertake it.
  • By helping to find some training which you could do at home at times that better match your needs, quite possibly online.
  • By helping to find sources of funding to contribute to the costs.
  • By helping you to plan how will you use your time.

It may be worth remembering that this help can also be made available for the person you look after.

Work Related Interviews
Princess Royal Trust for Carers (PRTC) report a lot of carers are receiving letters requesting they go to work related interviews. Their suggestion is ''if attending the interview presents a problem ring the sender and try to see if they will come to you.''


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