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Education and careers for the child you care for

If the person you look after is under 5 years old you may find pre-school education very important. If the person you look after is a school / college aged child or young person you are probably concerned about his or her education and future employability and care.

There are people who can help you
  • By helping find a suitable special school if appropriate
  • By working closely with you and your school to get the best possible support for your child
  • By helping to find support to enable your child to get to and from school and college
  • By helping to find and arrange support for teaching at home
  • By helping you assess and plan your time
  • By supporting you to help your child get careers guidance

For young adults you may be concerned about supporting them to live independently and separately from you. Your local authority may be able to help with finding sheltered housing which comes with a warden who will check on the welfare of all the residents.


Small icon of an envelope representing Information You can get more information from:

www.natspec.org.uk - The Association of National Specialist Colleges provide specialist further education and training for people with disabilities of all types.


Icon showing a help image There are people who can help:

Parent Partnership Service
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West Sussex PO19 1TP

Telephone: 01243 752115 (helpline)
Fax: 01243 752161
email: [email protected]

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