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2005 News

This page contains links to news articles from the press which may be of interest to carers and also local news and developments related to carers. Use the links above to access archived news stories.

Carers 'missing 750m benefits'

02 December 2005
People who give up work to care for relatives or friends are missing out on benefits worth nearly 750m, a campaigning charity says.

Carers UK said more than 300,000 over-60s are going without vital benefits to which they are entitled.

Read more here.

Carers 'must get what they're owed'

02 December 2005
"I wouldn't say the extra money has made a big difference but it means we can afford a few extras like the odd meal out."

Brian Duckels, 67, from Selby in Yorkshire, has cared full time for his wife Gina, 65, for the last 21 years.

Read more here.

Carers and councils need support says chief inspector

01 December 2005
Plans to modernise the health service will fail unless carers get more support, the chief inspector of social care has warned.

In an interview with CareandHealth, David Behan followed publication of the latest star ratings on Thursday [December 1] with a warning that unless initiatives are started to develop care for the carers then modernisation plans in the Health White Paper will struggle.

Read more here.

There for carers who need a friend

24 November 2005
Caring for a sick relative is no easy task especially when you are only a child yourself. Some youngsters are forced to cope alone but thanks to 121 Youth Befriending, help is at hand.

Read more here.

Carers to get free flu jab

13 October 2005
According to new Department of Health guidelines, carers are now entitled to free flu jabs.

Launching the 2005 Influenza immunisation campaign, the Chief Medical Officer has said that amongst the new groups recommended to receive flu immunisation are, "People who are the main carer for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill."

Carers UK has been campaigning for many years to get free flu jabs for carers and welcomes this decision. Whilst GP's in some areas have responded to local campaigns by carers' groups and been happy to give carers free flu jabs, carers were not on the 'offical' list of priority cases and many carers wrote to Carers UK saying they had been refused the jab. Being protected from flu is vital for many carers as they cannot afford to be ill, if someone is relying on them.

Top business group for carers hands challenge to government

14 September 2005
Employers for Carers - an influential special interest group promoting the benefits to business of supporting carers in the workplace - will today challenge the government to provide services and support that enable people to juggle their paid jobs with caring.

Read more here.

Young carers 'need more support'

23 August 2005
Almost two thirds of teenagers who care for a sick or disabled relative believe they do not receive enough support from their school, a survey suggests.
NCH, the children's charity, said half of young carers devoted more than 20 hours per week to caring.
It questioned 100 carers aged 11 to 16, a quarter of whom said their education had suffered.

Read more on the The BBC Website

UK : Carers' career prospects are being affected

15th July 2005
65% of carers believe their career prospects have been affected because of their caring responsibilities, according to a new survey released. Almost two-thirds (65%) of the UK's six million unpaid carers believe their career prospects have been affected because of their caring responsibilities, according to the results of a new survey release.
Read more on the Mature media website.

Lottery awards the generosity of young carers

25th May 2005
AYoung carers, teenage volunteers and youngsters with disabilities will be the beneficiaries of the 804,269 awarded today by the Big Lottery Fund to projects that will improve local communities and offer support to young people across England.
Read more on the a2media Group website.

Independence, well-being and choice: our vision for the future of social care for adults in England

28th April 2005
The department of Health have released a Green Paper which sets out a vision for adult social care over the next 10 to 15 years and how this might be realised. It invites everyone to give their views on the vision and the ideas set out in the document, as well as to contribute new ideas to the debate.

The Green Paper is intended to provoke discussion on:
  • how we can offer more control, more choice and high-quality support for
    those who use care services;
  • how we can harness the capacity of the whole community, so that everyone
    has access to the full range of universal services and an opportunity to play
    a full part in society; and
  • how we can improve the skills and status of the workforce to deliver the
To read the paper and find out how to participate in the discussions visit The Department of Health website.

March against means testing

16th March 2005
Across the UK, there is a small army of usually uncredited, unpaid carers who look after family members with a range of illnesses and disabilities. Today, one group representing such carers is taking its protest against what it claims is "discriminatory" treatment by government all the way to parliament. .
Read more on the Society Guardian website.

Flexible Working Must be Extended to Middle Aged Carers

added 11th Feb 2005
Middle-aged women need flexible working if they are not to give up on career progression to care for elderly or sick relatives and teenage children, according to a study.
Read more on the Personnel Today website.
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