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Lobbying and campaigning

Campaigning for change to improve carers' lives is an important role for many organisations. If you as a carer have needs not being met by the help, support and services currently available it may be worth asking for these to be met, not just for yourself but for everyone who will have similar needs in the future.

Constant campaigning and lobbying to inform and challenge perceptions can help to bring about the changes that improve the individual lives of carers and is what will ultimately improve life for all carers.

If you would like to get involved or have concerns you want to address there are people who can help:
  • By hearing what you have to say and taking the message on for you
  • Or work with you, supporting you in your campaign

End the care crisis - Lobby 2012
Carers UK is working with 60 other charities of the Care & Support Alliance, including Age UK, Mencap, Macmillan Cancer and Scope to organise an event in Parliament for people from across the country to meet their MP and tell them it is time to take action to reform the social care system. If you or carers in your area can attend on 6th March, visit www.carelobby2012.org.uk for information and registration details. Read more at http://carelobby2012.org.uk

Mencap research into social care law and housing for people with learning disabilities (added 1.7.11)
Mencap has started a research project into the barriers to housing that people with a learning disability face. There are many barriers and challenges that people with a learning disability have to overcome in order to find a suitable home to live in, ranging from cuts to social care funding to provide appropriate support for them to live independently to a crisis in grants for housing benefit and the changing landscape of personalisation. A further challenge is social care legislation, and the way responsibilities and processes are designed. In light of the forthcoming review of social care legislation, expected towards the end of the year, Mencap is keen to gain a more detailed understanding of the difficulties people with a learning disability experience when trying to find a place to live, and the legal framework and processes surrounding it. In essence, what are the barriers in social care legislation making the move to living more independently so difficult? In order to develop and improve their understanding, Mencap are looking for people with a learning disabilities with varying support needs who would be willing to tell their story. Have you, or the person you care for, ever tried to find a place to live? If so, what happened? How long did it take you to find a place? What information were you given? Mencap are hoping to use this information to campaign for a better deal for people with a learning disability when the legislation is reviewed. Contact Mencap by emailing or phoning: Clare Lucas: clare.lucas@mencap.org.uk.clare.lucas@mencap.org.uk, Tel: 020 7696 6959, or Beatrice Barleon, beatrice.barleon@mencap.org.uk, Tel: 020 7696 5462.

Give Carers a Break campaign (added 17.6.11)
The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads Care, have launched a campaign called ďGive Carers a Break.Ē The campaign aims at calling for PCTs to use their allocated government funds for carers breaks. The Coalition Government has stated that PCTs must publish their plans and budgets to support carers. However, PCTs will still be able to spend the money on other areas and we are concerned that much of the money will not be used on support for carers. Read more at www.carers.org/givecarersabreak

Support Young Carers petition (added 24.1.11)
If you think that young carers deserve to be recognised and supported within ALL schools, follow the link below to the petition, sign it and share the link with your friends and family. Disability Direct has created this petition and needs people to sign it and share it amongst their friends and family. When there are enough signatures they will send it to No 10 Downing Street. www.petitionbuzz.com

'Worried about your Memory' campaign
Campaign re-launched by the Alzheimer's Society to promote early diagnosis in order to access support and advice to help maintain independence. Complete the survey at www.alzheimers.org.uk

Supporting families: Donít cut care
Top of carersí agenda at Carers UK National Carers Summit in November was the threat of cuts to public spending and frontline services. In response, Carers UK has launched a new campaign "Supporting families: Donít cut care". To take part in the campaign against cuts to care in your area by clicking on www.surveymonkey.com

West Sussex Parents Forum
This forum is made up of parents/carers who help West Sussex County Council to plan services for disabled children and young people aged 0-25 years living in West Sussex. It is a campaigning organisation totally independent of West Sussex County Council and aims to represent the views of all parents/carers with disabled children and young people. For more information email parents@westsussexparentsforum.co.uk, visit www.westsussexparentsforum.co.uk or phone 07528 418149.

Carers Support Service Advisory and Review Group (ARG)
This carer-led group steers and monitors the work of the Carers Support Service and is an opportunity for carers to shape what the service does. These are drop in events; phone to check where the forum will be held as dates and venues may change. Tea and coffee is provided. Contact Hari Chokar on 01903 528600.

Carerwatch Campaign Group - aims to provide a platform to change the way opinion-makers, politicians and journalists think about carers.


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