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Emergency help

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This page provides information about schemes that may provide help in an emergency and contact numbers that may be useful in an emergency.


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Emergency Respite Care Scheme
This is a new West Sussex scheme that provides emergency care for a person if their carer becomes ill or is involved in an accident. Care can be provided for up to 48 hours (72 hours over a weekend or bank holiday) to enable the person to stay safely in their home until the emergency is over or until other care arrangements can be made. To apply for an Emergency Plan contact Crossroads on 01403 243924 or visit www.westsussex.gov.uk

Priority for vulnerable people during a power cut added 23.11.07
EDF Energy Networks, which maintains the electricity network for London, the South East and East of England, is responsible for getting electrical power back on following a power cut, regardless of who the electricity supplier is.
They have a free Priority Services Register for any customer who is dependent on medical equipment, is chronically sick, has a disability or has a special case that they would like considered. They will keep in touch with regular updates and, if necessary, will arrange for WRVS to visit and provide a hot meal if the electricity supply cannot be restored quickly. This service is available to anyone living in London, Anglia and the South East; information is not shared with any other company. To join the register contact the EDF Energy Networks Power Cut Helpline (Anglia, London and the South East) 0800 169 9970.

All gas and electricity suppliers should maintain a Priority Services Register. Contact Energywatch to find out more - Tel: 0845 906 0708. You can also contact them online via www.energywatch.org.uk (independent gas and electricity watchdog with a great deal of consumer information about gas and electricity suppliers) or visit www.ofgem.gov.uk (promoting and regulating the gas and electricity markets. Consumers section of the website includes information about help for vulnerable consumers).

Contact4Me added 13 August 2007
If you or a loved one are involved in an accident, could you be sure that the emergency services could contact your next of kin without delay? Can you be sure that any critical medical alerts could be made known to the emergency services immediately?
The Contact4Me card membership scheme allows you to store up to ten emergency numbers and medical alerts on a central database. The card gives emergency services instant access to this vital information. For full details about this scheme log on to www.contact4me.com

The Data Link Scheme
This scheme ('the message in the fridge' as it is becoming known) has been set up in response to a growing concern that should an elderly or frail person fall victim to an emergency situation they might not be able to communicate with members of the emergency services.

Information about the patient, including information about medications and allergies and contact information such as GP, next of kin etc, is put into a small clearly labelled container (standardised throughout the scheme) which is kept inside the door of the patients fridge.

A label on the patient's front door and also one on the outside of the fridge door indicates that the patient is a member of the scheme. On seeing the label, members of the emergency services know where to find the information they might need.

Visit the following for more detailed information about the scheme and to download an instruction pack visit the Adur, Arun and Worthing Neighbourhood Watch Association - Adur, Arun and Worthing Neighbourhood Watch Association website with information about the Data Link Scheme

West Sussex Carers Emergency Alert Card Scheme
Do you worry about what would happen to the person you look after if you were taken ill and unable to tell anyone that someone depends on you? If so, the West Sussex Carers Emergency Alert Card Scheme may be of help:
  • As a carer, you are provided with a card that shows someone depends on you.
  • If anything happens to you while you are away from the person you care for, the person attending to them can phone the 24-hour Emergency Alarm Centre on the card.
  • The Centre will phone the contacts you have provided and they will be able to put in place the agreed actions.

This means that when you have to leave the person alone (at home or in the car) you both can have some peace of mind.
This is a joint scheme between ICIS: information for life, West Sussex County Council, District and Borough Councils, Emergency Lifeline Services and West Sussex Health Services. Visit The Carers Alert Card Scheme for more information about the scheme and to download an application form.

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Small icon of an envelope representing Information Emergency telephone numbers

Alcoholics Anonymous 08457 697555
24 hour helpline offering support, information and advice for anyone affected by an addiction to alcohol

Childline 0800 1111
24 hour helpline for children and young people in danger and distress

Emergency Services 999
Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Coastguard

Emergency Services Minicom 0800 112 999
To contact police, ambulance, fire and coastguard services via a minicom

GP Out of Hours Service
if you need a doctor out of hours phone Harmoni on 0300 130 313

National AIDS Helpline 0800 567123
24 hour helpline on all aspects of HIV and AIDS

National Drugs Helpline 0800 776600
24 hour helpline offering information and support on drugs and solvent misuse

NHS Direct 0845 4647
24 hour helpline for nurse-led information on health matters

NSPCC 0808 800 5000
24 hour helpline providing counselling, information and advice to anyone concerned about a child at risk of abuse

Samaritans 08457 909090
24 hour helpline, open every day of the year, offering emotional support to people in crisis

West Sussex County Council Helpline 0845 758 1232
24 hour helpline for any local government or health authority service

West Sussex Mental Healthline 0845 300 2727
24 hour helpline for people with or affected by mental health problems



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