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Guide to navigation menus

There are three different menu areas.

The top menu contains links to tips to help you use this website, or to forms you can fill in to communicate with us for various reasons.

The left menu contains the website's main navigation links. All the information in the website is accessible through these links. This menu is in three sections.
  • The 'Main menu' contains links to information about the website and how to contact us.
  • The 'For carers' menu contains links to pages of useful information about caring, different caring concerns and resources for carers.
  • The 'Search options' menu contains links to diffrerent ways of searching for information yourself.

Many of the sections that are accessed though the left menu have sub-sections. When you click on a link you will see the information displayed.

You can see which area of the website you are in at all times as the text for the link in the left menu will be larger and the arrow next to that link will be white.

The bottom menu contains links to legal information about the website.

All menus are visible on every page of the website.

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