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Welcome to the website for carers in West Sussex

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This site is for carers in West Sussex and aims to help put carers in touch with local support and services and to give support to carers in every way it can.

Many people who look after ill, disabled or frail family or friends do not think of themselves as carers and are unaware of the support available to them. Find out exactly what we mean by the word Carer.

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1st-30th: National Autism Awareness Month - www.autismspeaks.org
1st April-5th May – National Pet Month - www.nationalpetmonth.org.uk
11th – World Parkinson’s Day - www.whathealth.com
17th – World Haemophilia Day - www.wfh.org
25th – World Malaria Day - http://globaldimension.org.uk

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New items added:

  • Fun day for children with special needs - go to the National News and Noticeboard page
  • NHS Choices Dementia Guide - go to the National News and Noticeboard page
  • Mobility scooters can go on public transport - go to the National News and Noticeboard page
  • Child stroke support service - go to the National News and Noticeboard page
  • Information for siblings of children with disabilities - go to the National News and Noticeboard page
  • Which? Elderly Care website - go to the Caring for an older person page
  • Carers Health Team - go to the Your health page
  • Benefits - what are you entitled to claim? - go to the Financial help page
  • Home from hospital schemes - go to the Discharge from Hospital page
  • Autism Aware Card for West Sussex residents - go to the Autism Aware Card page

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    Carers Week logo

    Carers Week "Quest", 9th-15th June

    Carers Week 2014 Quest logo A new initiative to encourage improved collaborative working in local communities to reach out to carers. It aims to reach out to the thousands of carers in the UK who are currently missing out on services and support. Read more

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    State of Caring survey 2014

    Carers UK's annual survey is now open – help them find out what impact caring has on carers' lives. This survey is carried out each year to show just what it is like to be carer. By completing this survey, you can help to expose how hard it can be to care and what needs to change to make carers’ lives better. The survey has been shortened compared to previous years and focuses on how caring affects finances, health and the ability to live your own life. Your views and experiences inform Carers UK's work with Government and decision-makers throughout the UK. Fill in the survey here


    "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around" - Dr. Leo Buscaglia (1924-1998)


    Being a Carer

    Not usually your chosen job.
    You do it in response to love, loyalty, duty or circumstance.
    You look after or provide health, safety and comfort
    You worry
    You are afraid to be ill
    You feel isolated and lonely
    Are under huge amounts of stress
    You have to be reliable and very adaptable
    There are no easy quick-fix solutions
    But … a half-smile, a wink, a nod of the head
    Can melt your heart
    With memories of what was before
    And caring becomes a pleasure
    And not simply…..a chore!


    Carers Support West Sussex logo
    Carers Support West Sussex

    Carers Support West Sussex can talk to you about your caring situation and advise you about what support is available. The link above will take you to a page that gives with details of the services they provide and how to contact them.

    Carer workers jobs in West Sussex

    If and when both salaried and voluntary vacancies become available in the West Sussex area, we shall post them on this website. Vacancies can also be submitted here. The link above will take you to the Jobs section.
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